Greener Homes Grant and Your Heating Business

Using the Greener Homes Grant can help your heating business grow. Learn about the top heating products your customers might need, and what additional upgrades you can suggest.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC November 2022

Offer Customers New Ideas for Energy Efficiency

Increase energy efficiency when it comes to heating solutions, by offering customers new approaches to heating with heat pumps and electric fireplaces.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC October 2022

Help Your Customers Use the Canada Greener Homes Grant

Get familiar with the Canada Greener Homes Grant so you can help your customers make energy-efficient upgrades in their homes.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC September 2022

The Benefits of Buying Water Heaters for Homeowners and Contractors

Help your customers understand the benefits of buying a water heater and how it can help them stay in control of their home's energy efficiency.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC September 2022

Installing an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Environment

Today, many homeowners are focusing on environmentally-friendly bathroom choices to make meaningful contributions towards sustainability. With the help of smart technology, there are many opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce water consumption.

Eco Friendly July 2022

Residential Digital Shower Systems and Innovations

Consumer trends are changing constantly and there is heightened interest in renovating and updating bathroom spaces. If you’re currently working with residential customers who are interested in redesigning their space, try taking it to the next level with digital shower systems.

How Flexible Plumbing Solutions Change Your Job

Address your customers' needs and find the right plumbing fixtures and technology. Invest into more flexible plumbing solutions to make your job easier, as well as help save time and money.

Plumbing July 2022

The Benefits of Touchless Plumbing Solutions

Take the general interest of the public and post-COVID era as an opportunity to learn about the eco-benefits of touchless faucets, their ease of installation and efficiency, plus the overall advantages of adopting this more hygienic plumbing technology.

Plumbing June 2022

PSP® PermaShield Duct Odour Control System & Its Advantages in Canadian Wastewater Treatment

The advantages of PSP®, a new, innovative corrosive fume exhaust and odour control duct system, over these products cannot be understated. Discover how you can improve the quality of your service by using PSP®.

Getting The Job Done —Benefits of Pressing vs. Soldering

Mechanical projects that take considerable time onsite equate to lost revenue. Learn about tools that reduce this time — and the resulting labour costs — which are worth considering.

Tips & Advice March 2022

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