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Customers are looking for innovative ways to increase fuel efficiency while getting through our long, cold Canadian winters. At the same time, you need fast and comprehensive technical support and training that fits your timelines. Continental offers a Canadian-made solution.

Make Electric Heat Pumps Your Go-To

“There’s a strong movement in the industry to find an alternative solution to fossil fuels for home heating and cooling,” says Joe Cancilla, Canadian HVAC Sales Manager at Continental Heating and Cooling. “While we still have a strong focus on natural gas and propane furnaces, we are doing a tremendous amount of development and expansion into the electric heat pump realm.”

Continental offers electric heat pump systems that offer 100% efficiency at -20C and 78% at -30C. Based on these numbers, these systems will suit the needs of 85% of homes in Canada. The units even qualify for a Canada Greener Homes grant. As these units are developed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada, contractors have the benefit of knowing their products are truly equipped for the Canadian climate.

Continental offers the simplicity of working with a heat pump instead of the usual six or seven SKUs to cover the full breadth of sizes required to equip the average home. This is a considerable benefit in daily circumstances, but especially now, when trying to manage the constraints of COVID and its impact on the supply chain and inventory availability. Installation is quite easy as well as it follows the same installation method as a split-air conditioning system.

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Electric Heat Pumps – Saving Money for Homeowners, Beneficial to the Environment

With prices rising at the gas pump, natural gas prices are not far behind and are expected to continue to rise in the coming years. As you work with your customers, speak to them about the benefits of switching from gas to electric. The best point to bring up is that they can save money in the short-term compared to the cost of natural gas, propane or oil, just by switching to an electric heat pump.


If your customers think about the larger picture, there’s also tremendous benefit in the long-term as industry trends shifts focus to carbon-neutral products and we globally aim for less environmental impact. There will likely be more incentives and legislation that make the switch inevitable.

The Untapped Boom of the Electric Fireplace Market

As we look for ways to move away from fossil fuels and even wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces are offering contractors a new, untapped market, that can also be used to up-sell a heat pump customer.

“There’s been a boom in electric fireplaces across North America. We're seeing, people adding electric fireplaces to multiple rooms in a home, including bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms,” says Terry Hicks, Director of Business Development at Continental. “They’re easy to install, clean and efficient. You can run an electric fireplace year-round without having to produce any heat.”


Electric fireplaces offer 100% efficiency and can be installed virtually anywhere in a home, with no gas lines or venting required.


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Increase efficiency with direct venting

For customers who still want a natural gas or propane fireplace, proper venting can have a significant impact on efficiency.

When it comes to venting a gas or propane fireplace, there are two methods – the single vent or natural draft process and the direct vent process. With a single vent, the fireplace draws the oxygen from the room air in the home. It uses it in the combustion process and sends it out through the single flue.

With direct venting, the warm air isn’t being wasted to fuel the fireplace. This system also improves the combustion process by taking the air directly from the outside and exhausting the products of combustion back out the direct vent system. Plus, there's no down drafting and no negative pressure, which can occur in modern airtight homes. 

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Looking ahead to the future of heat

Over the years, Continental has grown from Fireplaces to include HVAC systems, but the focus has remained on making products for the Canadian climate and supporting Canadian business.

“We're always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve,” says Hicks. “We make adjustments as we need to, to continue to grow the business for ourselves and our business partners.”


Continental built a name for itself in the 1970s under the Wolf Steel brand and kept growing. In 1998, they expanded their product line to include Continental Heating and Cooling, and Napoleon Fireplaces and Grills. Today, Continental Heating and Cooling prides itself on offering a complete line of HVAC systems including heat pumps, while Napoleon continues to be a household name when it comes to fireplaces and heating.

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