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PSP® PermaShield Duct Odour Control System & Its Advantages in Canadian Wastewater Treatment

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If you work in wastewater, you know how difficult it can be to find the right product to meet your project needs while keeping environment, cost and safety in mind. Recently, the Wolseley Waterworks group worked with PSP® PermaShield Duct Odour Control System to help contractors and municipal customers achieve these objectives.

What is PSP® for Wastewater Treatment?

PSP® is a new, innovative corrosive fume exhaust and odour control duct system that is superior to the alternative options in wastewater treatment. It is ultimately the go-to in forward-thinking wastewater management. The stainless steel and fibreglass-reinforced plastic typically provided by contractors are simply just not as efficient, and the advantages of PSP® over these products cannot be understated. Discover how you can improve the quality of your service by using PSP®.


A Safer Way to Install Wastewater Pipes

Inspire confidence in your clients when you assure them that PSP® provides superior benefits in staying safe. It is a Class-1 product in terms of local building and fire codes in Canada. PSP® is also fully compliant with NFPA 820—the standard for fire protection in wastewater treatment and collection facilities. Other systems burn, melt, or ever generate smoke, while PSP® results in significantly lower fire and business interruption costs.

PSP® is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is designed to minimize waste, and therefore, decrease any detrimental impact on the environment. Risks and costs in hazardous waste disposal are eliminated due to the inert PermaShield coating. While other plastic products absorb water and chemicals, PermaShield does not. Furthermore, the ductwork and fittings may be disassembled and be reused throughout their lifecycles or can be recycled for scrap value when their service is no longer required.


A Practical Way to Install Wastewater Pipes

PSP® is incredibly practical for you as a contractor. It is easy and simple to install. No specialized skills are needed as PSP® relies primarily on mechanical joints for assembly, whereas fibreglass reinforced (FRP), or stainless-steel systems demand specialized expertise for installation. With PSP® you avoid the hassle of mixing chemical resins into FRP joints, as well as the waiting time to dry. What’s more, you don’t need to weld or create a containment space that inevitably arises from grinding and sanding if you were to take the stainless-steel method of pipes. The installation process only takes up a fraction of the time as opposed to other traditional pipe systems.

An Easier way to Modify Wastewater Pipes on the Job

PSP® duct diameter sizes can easily be modified and suitable for your needs. Ducts smaller than 24” in diameter can be modified in the field, while ducts between 26” to 30” can be brought to a sheet metal shop with the right equipment for flanging. Crews can conveniently modify PSP® systems on-site. Ductwork can be cut to length on the premises and branch lines can be added using the system’s innovative saddle tap fittings.


A Reliable Way to Work with Wastewater

You and your client will be relieved to know that PSP® is reliable and maintenance-free. The system is highly resistant to corrosion. The PermaShield fluoropolymer barrier lining is the premier chemical and impact-resisting coating available for under 300°F applications. When installed, PSP® is maintenance-free, unlike FRP and ordinary stainless-steel applications, which break down due to prolonged exposures to sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulphide or ultraviolet light.

A Cost-Effective Way to work with Wastewater

Though it is a premium product that costs more than FRP or traditional stainless-steel alternatives at first glance, PSP® is ultimately the more cost-effective approach to wastewater management. The overall costs are offset by PSP®’s lower labour and maintenance expenses. By needing no specialized expertise, and having a shorter, time-efficient installation process, PSP® beats competing products. It also removes the worry about resin shortages and long lead times.

Crews can become competent PSP® installation experts in a day after being trained on the appropriate protocol. In one Canadian installation example, a contractor estimated it would take a month to install PSP® odour control ductwork, but in reality, it took four days with an overall installation savings of 36.69%.


Bringing PSP® to the Canadian Waterworks Market

Wolseley Waterworks Plant Group is proud to bring the PSP® system to the Canadian Market. Marlon Liburdi, Director of Water Works at Fab-Tech Inc, the manufacturer of PSP®, says, “In our experience, once contractors experience PSP®, they never go back.” To save you a hassle in cost and maintenance, as well as selecting the superior quality assured product, go with the PSP PermaShield Duct Odour Control System for best results. With Canada’s climate change initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, it is also a great time to look at PSP® as your future-friendly approach to wastewater treatment.

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