May 2022

Air Conditioning Season — Find the Right Units by Asking the Right Questions

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Most people forget about their air conditioning units until that first heatwave. Then demand peaks, and it’s a mad rush to get units installed. Take a proactive approach at air conditioning season by knowing what’s available to your customers and what solutions meet their home’s needs.

What Air Conditioning Unit is Right for Your Customer?

When it comes to air conditioners, the range available can be overwhelming. Discussing what features are most important to the customer will help to narrow down the choices. A budget is a great place to start.

For well over 30 years, Wolseley has partnered with KeepRite, a trusted brand in the Canadian marketplace. They offer a unit to fit every budget — from entry-level to higher-end units that offer more features.

Once the budget is determined, ask about the importance of energy efficiency. For some customers, it may not be top of mind, for others, that factor is front and centre. Most units in the entry-level (N series) and mid-range (R series) offer a mid-efficiency rating. When efficiency is a key selling feature, customers will need to upgrade to the C series, which also offers the added functionality of wifi connectivity through the Ion System Control.


How Air Conditioning Unit Connectivity Helps you and the Customer

As more items in our home feature connectivity, customers may appreciate having wifi-enabled control of their cooling and heating units. In fact, some customers have come to expect it as a standard feature. Many of KeepRite’s C series units pair with the ION System control. In addition to giving the outdoor temperature and remote access, it also performs diagnostics on the system, allowing contractors to easily troubleshoot a problem by tapping into that connectivity.

Some units also send alerts to the contractor via the ION System, warning of potential issues. For the contractor, it creates a business opportunity, helps to build an ongoing service relationship with the customer, and allows preparation for the home visit. When you know what exactly is wrong, you can get the parts or units that need replacing or repair. For the customer, it creates a more in-depth understanding of what exactly is going on with their air conditioning unit and what they can expect when you arrive for service.

No ductwork? Turn to Ductless Heat Pumps as a Solution

Traditionally, homes without ductwork had to rely on inefficient window units for cooling or forgoing any air conditioning at all. Now, these homeowners can take advantage of the technology available with ductless heat pumps, which offer heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

There are two heat pumps available on the market—Unitary heat pumps which have an outdoor unit and an indoor coil that’s attached to a furnace or air handler, and ductless heat pumps. These ductless units are quite popular in eastern Canada and Quebec but are gaining popularity across the rest of Canada too.


Ductless heat pumps have an outdoor component and an inside unit that hangs on the wall. There’s no need to connect to a furnace, air handler or ductwork. The heat pump does all the work to circulate air around the house. These units are perfect for homes with boilers and radiator heat. Plus, they’re more efficient than anything else on the market.

Is the Air Conditioning Unit Adequate for Humidity and IAQ?

Indoor air quality is finally getting the attention it deserves. Most people are more aware than ever before that indoor air quality can have an impact on the quality of life. Air conditioning has a direct impact on indoor air quality.

The relative humidity in a home is an important aspect of air quality. In the summer, as humidity ramps up, dampness in the home can rage out of control, creating the perfect environment for mould to grow. An air conditioner pulls out that moisture as it cools the air. The ideal range for humidity is 40-60%. Modern air conditioning units can be set to keep homes in that optimal range.

Easily show the customer where their home falls in that ideal range with a hygrometer on their current unit. By measuring the relative humidity in the home, you can start a conversation around solutions to fix any problems and avoid the dampness and mould that can form as a result. Typically, if an existing unit is not pulling enough moisture out of the air, a replacement unit should be a half size larger to provide the capacity needed.

Keep up with Air Conditioning Servicing

Whether you’re installing a new air conditioner or a new ductless heat pump, regular service is critical to maintaining the running life of each unit.

Air conditioners should be serviced each spring as part of regular maintenance. Because ductless heat pumps run 12 months of the year, they should also be serviced in the spring for cooling and again in the fall for heating. This is the best approach for making sure the system is running without any issues. Again, this creates an opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with the customers.

Check out our Contractor’s Guide to Air Conditioning Servicing for more helpful tips and information.

Technician services outside AC units and generator

Keep Air Conditioning Replacement Parts in Your Inventory

To ensure you can always respond to your customers’ service needs, there are a handful of replacement parts you should consider keeping in your truck. For air conditioners, the most needed parts include:

  • Replacement condenser motors
  • Contractors
  • Capacitors

For furnaces, the most needed parts include:

  • Replacement furnace motors
  • Contractors
  • Pressure switches
  • Gas valves
  • Replacement boards
  • Limit switches

Rely on Wolseley for all your HVAC Needs

Whether you’re looking for replacement parts, air conditioning units, ductless heat pumps or full system replacements, Wolseley has what you need. Talk to your Wolseley representative to learn about the latest technology available. We’re here to help you serve your customers.

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