How to Improve Energy Efficiency With Smart Thermostats

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A home’s energy efficiency is the key to keeping monthly costs down, protecting the environment, and increasing resale value for homeowners. It’s no wonder solutions for increasing energy efficiency are in high demand for homeowners today. One great way to control a home’s energy efficiency is by installing smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats help control a home’s climate. They have more advanced features and are engineered to increase a home’s energy efficiency.

Here are three reasons homeowners are looking for appliances that increase energy efficiency and why smart thermostats are a great option to offer to your customers:

3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Appliances

Reduced Energy Bills

Whether it’s water heaters, light bulbs, furnaces, or thermostats, keeping a home running is costly. Energy efficient appliances consume less energy, cutting utility bills for homeowners, saving them up to 30 per cent on their monthly bills.

Protect the Environment

Responsible for 19 per cent of national gas emissions in 2016, homes are a great place to reduce one’s emission contributions. Energy efficient appliances consume less energy and reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint, lowering the number of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and reducing the impacts of climate change, both locally and globally.

Increased Resale Value

Tech is in, and it impresses buyers. Homebuyers looking for a move-in-ready home, and especially homebuyers looking for luxurious upgrades value smart thermostats and energy efficient appliances. Not only are energy efficient appliances like smart thermostats trendy, they’re practical.

Homebuyers that have done their research understand the benefits of energy efficient appliances. They also know that by investing in a home with them already installed, they’re saving themselves money in the long run.

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How to Increase Energy Efficiency With a Smart Thermostat

Automatic Temperature Changes

You can program a smart thermostat to change the temperature at different times of the day, preventing homeowners from overspending on heating or cooling when they’re away from home. In the winter, homeowners can set a higher temperature for when they’re home, and lower it a few degrees when they leave for work or school. This eliminates wasted energy on heating and cooling and lower utility costs for homeowners.

Temperature Settings for Different Rooms

Some smart thermostats have the benefit of being able to set different temperatures in different rooms. This is a major benefit for many homeowners. It means that they can fully heat the kitchen only when they use it, from 5-9 for example, and save energy during the day when everyone is out. They can also set the temperature for the upstairs bedrooms to the desired heat for when everyone is sleeping.

With standard thermostats, homeowners set their desired temperature once. This makes the thermostat work hard to have the same temperature throughout the entire home. A home’s ventilation can make one room naturally warmer or cooler than another, making the thermostat work extremely hard to achieve the same temperature throughout the home, resulting in wasted energy.

24/7 Climate Control

Smart thermostats come with smartphone apps, allowing homeowners to have 24/7 access to their home’s climate. With the ability to control and monitor their home’s temperature from their phone, homeowners have the final say in their energy use at all times. This is especially useful for homeowners that rent out their homes. Having control over one’s energy use will save a lot on utility bills, especially when renting out a home during a cold winter or hot summer.


When there are extreme weather conditions, smart thermostats send notifications to homeowners through their app. Notifying homeowners about severe cold temperatures that could potentially cause pipes to freeze gives them time to take precautions and provides optimal energy efficiency.

Smart thermostats are a great solution to offer to homeowners to increase their home’s energy efficiency. Explore our smart thermostats on Wolseley Express today and recommend the perfect option to fit their needs.

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