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3 Leading Smart Plumbing Trends for 2019 and Beyond

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Smart plumbing products aren’t always the first things to come to mind when you think of advancements in technology. Many people have a smart TV or a smart device in their home, but what about new plumbing technologies?

New plumbing solutions that integrate high-tech features appeal to modern customers because of their increased efficiency. They help to reduce waste and cost -- two things that are top of mind for today’s homeowners. Plus, high-tech gadgets are always trendy. Knowledge and expertise in the newest smart plumbing technology can allow you to better serve your customers, by helping them find the right solution for their needs.

In this blog post, we’ll review the latest trends in smart plumbing technology. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to further impress your customers with the newest plumbing solutions.

1. Greywater Recycling

Greywater recycling is a great way to recycle water around homes and offices. The system takes gently used water (water without any fecal contamination) from sinks, showers, washing machines, and dishwashers and reuses it instead of letting it run down the drain.

Although the recycled water is not safe for humans to ingest, even after going through the system’s filtration system, you can safely use it outdoors. Not only is greywater recycling eco-friendly, but it can also save users anywhere between 30 and 70% on their water bill!

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Greywater recycling is great for customers in the city looking to save money on their water bill. For customers with wells that don’t pay municipal water bills, greywater recycling can help reduce the amount of water going into their septic tank, resulting in emptying their septic tank less frequently. Keep in mind the high installation price and be transparent with your customers to prevent any surprises when it comes to payment.

2. Smart Appliances and Fixtures

Smart appliances have become extremely popular in homes. They look good and bring a sense of luxury to a space while keeping energy bills down. Smart refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers are popular kitchen appliances that homeowners spend a large chunk of their renovation budget on. Consumers are turning to smart faucets for their hygienic, water-efficient technology.

Smart Fixtures

There are three different kinds of smart fixtures: hands-free, digital, and combo.

Hands-free smart faucets are the ones that have been around for ages in public washrooms. They stop water from running unnecessarily and make sure nobody leaves the faucet on, plus they prevent germs from being spread around the house.

Wolseley Express offers a number of hands-free faucet options, like this one from American Standard.


Moen MotionSense Faucet, available at Wolseley Express

Digital faucets are used to control the temperature of the water. It displays the exact temperature of the water running and can adjust it accordingly to an individual’s preference. They can be sold individually in full piece sets, or as add-ons that can be attached to any faucet. For example, Moen has a great digital shower control option.

Combo faucets are the most expensive option, but for good reason. They combine the features of a hands-free faucet with a digital faucet, saving more energy than using the two technologies separately. They track how much hot water is being used, making homeowners aware of their usage while keeping the temperature set to prevent using too much hot water.


Smart ToiletsAmerican Standard ActiClean Cleaning Cartridge

Smart toilets are designed to protect the environment and make for a comfortable experience. Basic smart toilets are eco-friendly and save water by using less water per flush. In addition to water efficiency, there are a number of features that smart toilets can include.

There are self-cleaning toilets that swirl a toilet cleaner around the bowl to keep it nice and fresh, and there are even toilets with smart toilet seats that work as a bidet, putting an end to the use of dry wiping. But be careful - although these features seem nice, smart toilets can be pricey. Make sure you’re recommending smart toilet options that work within your customers’ budget.

Here are some available smart toilet features that people are starting to enjoy:

  • Heated seating
  • Massaging bidet wash
  • Self-cleaning (pictured above: American Standard ActiClean Cleaning Cartridge)
  • Self-deodorizer
  • Foot warmer
  • Automatic flushing
  • Remote control
  • Built-in sensors that alert you to possible tank leaks
  • Emergency flushing system during power outages
  • Nightlight
  • Slow closing lid
  • Speakers
  • Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities


You can browse smart toilet options, including the Toto Neorest 750 (pictured above), on Wolseley Express. 

3. Solar Water Heating

Solar water heaters, also known as solar domestic hot water solutions, heat water with sunlight - a renewable resource. There are two different solar water heating systems: direct circulation and indirect circulation.

For areas with a climate that sees freezing temperatures, indirect circulation is highly recommended. Heating the water in a home with sunlight is eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and a step towards creating an energy efficient home.

Smart plumbing technology makes homes eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and luxurious. Shop online on Wolseley Express or visit one of our branches to explore our collection of smart plumbing solutions.

Featured Image Credit: Toto Neorest 750, available from Wolseley Express.