Furnaces, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners Suited for Contractors in Entry and Mid-Level Markets

Brock offers high-quality and affordable HVAC equipment to ensure all customers are living in comfort.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC December 2021

How to Incorporate Clean Air Solutions into Your Business

The need for air disinfection has never been greater. Learn more about the solutions available from brands like WellAir that will work in just about any environment.

Green Plumbing & HVAC December 2021

Going Green and Staying Clean With LIXIL

LIXIL puts emphasis on the importance of sustainability and infection control with their highly efficient and environmentally sustainable products.

Green Plumbing & HVAC November 2021

Water Heating Expertise with Lochinvar

Discover the latest and greatest from Lochinvar with the new Armor condensing water heaters and Knight XL commercial boilers.

HVAC November 2021

Warming Canadian Homes with Watts and Radiant Heat

Watts offers a full line of floor warming and snowmelt products that makes them the right manufacturer for contractors.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC November 2021

IPEX System 636:  Market-Leading Innovative Venting Systems

Discover how Ipex System 636 meets Canadian standards for appliance venting, and how the innovation makes product installation and use safer for everyone.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC October 2021

A Look at LIXIL's Industry Impact

Discover how LIXIL Water Technologies has impacted the global plumbing industry and how you can access products from DXV, American Standard and GROHE.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC October 2021

On Trend With Matte Black Ever From RiobelPRO

The RiobelPRO Matte Black Ever Collection is one of the most sought-after recent collections for modern bathroom designs.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC October 2021

Indoor Air Quality — An Opportunity for Growth

Indoor air quality has gained attention as an important component of HVAC service. Use these tips to approach IAQ as an area of growth for your business.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC September 2021

IPEX System XFR® - Leaders in Complete Drainage Systems

Learn about the benefits of IPEX System XFR and how this long lasting DWV solution is changing the job for contractors and engineers across Canada.

Smart Plumbing & HVAC August 2021

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