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Improve Water Heater Efficiency and More With a Tank Booster

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As a professional plumber, clients rely on you for tips and advice. When that advice includes ways to save money around the house, you’re more likely to gain their trust (and referrals!). Recommending a hot water tank booster is a great way to provide your clients with an efficient and money-saving solution.

With all the hand-washing, hot showers, and loads of laundry that a household goes through, the bills can add up. Since heating a water tank accounts for a large chunk of a homeowner’s energy bill each month, reducing the effort it takes to heat that water will majorly reduce that cost.

By tackling the cost of heating water for your clients, you can help improve their home’s efficiency and reduce their monthly bills. They’re sure to recommend you to their friends and family if you can help save them money!

How Does a Tank Booster Work?

A tank booster mixes cold water from the input valve with hot water. This allows it to store water at a higher temperature, then releasing it at a cold temperature. By raising the temperature in a water heater and mixing it with cold water, a tank booster draws less water out of the hot water tank. For example, water heater temperature can be set at 60°C to provide 49°C water throughout a home, by using less hot water.

7 Benefits of a Tank Booster

1. Increased hot water capacityCash ACME Tank Booster Pro Valve

One of the top benefits of tank boosters is that they use less hot water. Tank boosters can increase usable hot water by up to 50%, preventing homes from running out of hot water. This means more hot showers and no need for a whole new water heater!

2. Save space

Families looking to increase their home’s hot water access might lean towards replacing their current water heater with a newer, bigger water heater – wasting unnecessary money and space. Not only do new water heaters cost money to purchase and install but upgrading to a larger tank also means giving up free space. Tank boosters are small valves that work with a homeowner’s current water heater and take up minimal space.

3. Save energy

By using less hot water, water heaters save energy. Some tank boosters also feature the option to allow homeowners to set their water heater to vacation mode and eco mode, allowing them to turn their tank off when it isn’t needed, saving energy on water heating.

4. Save money

Not only are tank boosters a fraction of the cost of a new water heater, but they also save homeowners money in the long run by reducing their energy bills. With their advanced energy-efficient technology and available features, tank boosters save homeowners money month-to-month and cut costs down even more when homeowners are away.

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5. Prevent bacteria growth

Legionella, natural inhabitants of water that can be detected in rivers, lakes, and streams, causes Legionnaires' disease, a severe, and in some cases, lethal form of pneumonia. It thrives in warm water. This means water distribution systems, like water heaters that store water at 49°C have ideal conditions for the growth of Legionella bacteria.

Tank boosters store water at 60°C, minimizing bacteria growth and reducing the chance of families from becoming sick due to the bacteria.

6. Prevent scalding

Hot water at 60°C can cause severe burns within a matter of minutes, causing tremendous pain and leaving lifelong scars. A water tank booster allows you to set your water heater tank to 60°C but always combines the hot water with cold water, regulating the output to a safer temperature.

7. Easy to install

Compared to replacing a water heater, tank boosters are easy to install, making their installation a time efficient service for your company to provide.

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