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Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for efficient ways to make their homes cleaner and smarter. To meet that need, manufacturers like American Standard, GROHE and DXV offer plumbing solutions focused on clean home and smart home technology. We caught up with the team at LIXIL to find out how these brands are transforming homes and gathered useful tips for plumbers to ease clients into these life-changing technologies.

The LIXIL group of companies is a one-stop-shop for contractors and homeowners. With a variety of plumbing fixtures and hardware from American Standard, DXV and GROHE, LIXIL has made a mark in homes worldwide. But as the plumbing industry trends show an increase in the need for clean and smart home technologies, companies like LIXIL lead the way with their innovations from toilets to pipe leak protection.

American Standard SpaLet Bidet Concept Bathroom

Cleaner Homes: Plumbing Technology

One of American Standard’s recent innovations in clean home technology includes the Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet® Toilet and SpaLet® Seats. While bidet toilets were not overly common in North America, they have gained popularity in recent years, as the brand has introduced technologically advanced models that stay ahead of technology meet and exceed consumer needs.

“Most of our SpaLet® seats have a heated seat, warm water on demand, warm air drying and self-cleaning nozzles for sanitizing,” says Marilyn Walter, Channel Marketing Manager at LIXIL. But beyond this, there are additional features that make the Advanced Clean SpaLet® Toilet a truly advanced piece of plumbing. There’s the added air-shield deodorizer to reduce odours, the auto-close/open lid, a soft nightlight for nighttime use, auto-flush and a power-saving mode.

American Standard Spalet Bidet

American Standard SpaLet® Toilet functions

“It’s designed to fully refresh, and offer improved hygiene and healthier living.”

As a plumber, you can offer American Standard’s clean technology as an option for a variety of customers. There are many who likely require, or want, a more comfortable cleansing experience. Consider customers with limited mobility and/or other medical conditions that would benefit from the value that superior cleansing features offer. The integration of clean technology in this area will improve their daily life.

GROHE Smart Guard Installation with ONDUS app on iPhone

GROHE Sense™ and ONDUS App 

Smart Homes Lead to Cleaner, Damage-Free Homes

LIXIL’s innovation in clean home technology also lends to its role in smart home technology. To help homeowners and commercial business owners keep their properties safe from plumbing mishaps and water damage, GROHE introduced the GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard.

“The GROHE Sense Guard is a [Smart Water Controller] that hooks up to the water supply. It detects pipe bursts and shuts off water flow automatically.” describes Walter. “Then there’s the GROHE Sense™, which is a compact puck that detects leaks in at-risk areas throughout your home, such as by the bathtub, the washing machine or under your kitchen sink.”

The GROHE Sense Guard can be used in any space but is especially useful for newly renovated spaces where homeowners don’t want to risk any water damage. Although it’s not necessarily an option for condos and apartments since there is a central water supply, the GROHE Sensepucks offer great value for these spaces, especially in areas like Toronto and Vancouver that have higher risks of flooding.

GROHE Sense Puck

The system works to monitor the consumption of water, leaks, and supply. In the event there’s a pipe break, the GROHE Sense™ Guard system will automatically shut off the water by closing the supply valve. In case of any small leaks or pipe bursts, the GROHE Sense™ will trigger the sensor to send a notification to your smartphone alerting you of the issue.

All in all, it’s a smart solution to keep homes and businesses cleaner, damage free, and any insurance costs for flooding and water damage to a minimum. “Any plumber can easily install the GROHE Sense™Guard,” says Cosimo Coffa, VP of Trade Sales at LIXIL. “And then the end-user just needs to download the GROHE ONDUS® app. It took me about 10 minutes to get it running in my own home.”

GROHE Sense Guard ONDUS iPhone Images

“It’s very simple,” adds Matthew Gallagher, National Account Manager at LIXIL. “[With others] you have to buy components to make it a full, complete unit. You have to buy, say, five or six items just to make the system work...But the GROHE Sense Guard comes as one.”

Making the unit as easy as possible for plumbers to install and homeowners or business owners to use, keeps GROHE as a leader in smart and clean home technologies.

Giving Customers the Cleaner and Smarter Options

As a plumber or contractor, knowing about the benefits of LIXIL’s clean home and smart home technologies can give you an upper hand in what you offer to your customers. As LIXIL brands like American Standard, DXV and GROHE continue to grow in offerings for clean home and smart home technologies, it’s important to stay up-to-date with information and product launches.

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