IPEX System 636 Pipe
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IPEX System 636:  Market-Leading Innovative Venting Systems

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As one of the world leaders in thermoplastic piping systems, IPEX continually examines the challenges and expectations of heating in municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications. Some of the world’s most recognized and diverse ranges of integrated piping have come from the minds of IPEX leaders, and influences practices and purchasing choices of contractors. 

One of the latest innovations from IPEX is System 636. This complete system is designed specifically for gas-fired appliances and offers piping, cement and primers as a solution for contractors. 

The inspiration for System 636 was ignited by the CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, which requires all special venting material to be certified to ULC S636 across Canada. This Standard for Type BH Gas Venting Systems is the "Canadian UL standard for gas-burning, condensing and appliance venting...Type BH is a venting designation that is unique to the Canadian Market.” 

To address the market need of Canadian builders and contractors, IPEX developed System 636 as a leading, fully certified flue gas vent system that meets all regulations, codes and requirements.

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Check out Ipex's System 636 product video for an overview 

Commitment to Gas Safety

This new system is available on Wolseley Express and aligns with Wolseley's commitment to innovation, plus the safety of our customers and the end-users.

System 636 offers two unique solutions for flue gas venting—one made of PVC and the other of CPVC, each with its own temperature ratings. Both are distinct in their appearance and purpose.

System 636 PVC is white while System 636 CPVC is grey. System 636 PVC is classified as Type BH Class IIA vent, suitable for use on appliances with flue gas temperatures up to and including 65ºC (149ºF). System 636 CPVC is classified as Type BH Class IIB vent, suitable for use on appliances with flue gas temperatures up to and including 90ºC (194ºF). 


The colours and labels of System 636 PVC and System 636 CPVC make it very simple to identify when in use. There’s a print line on each that identifies the product info, the code requirements, and the place of manufacturing. No matter where the pipes are installed, an inspector will be able to check if they are certified or not, aiding the speed of the inspection process, but enabling peace of mind for the contractor and the end-users. 

Both System 636 materials also meet and exceed the requirements of the National Building Code. In the code, pipe materials must have a Flame Speed Rating of under 25. Both the PVC and CPVC materials have a ranking of 10, far below the maximum.  

Each system is also equipped with solvent cements that are specifically formulated and certified for flue gas venting applications in temperatures below 0℃. There’s also a certified transition cement available for connections to ABS appliance connectors. 

Staying Up to Date on System 636 

The recommendation is that installers have formal training on System 636 every 3 years to ensure proper installation is used at all times when working with the products. Training and additional installation tips are available through IPEX and through Wolseley’s ongoing training initiatives. 

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