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IPEX System XFR® - Leaders in Complete Drainage Systems

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As demands for better buildings and innovative building solutions increase, there are always leaders who answer the call for contractors and engineers looking for the right products for the projects. IPEX is one of the leaders who continually raises the bar when it comes to drainage and piping systems. One of these innovations comes in the form of System XFR. This system is the world’s first engineered PVC DWV system rated for high buildings and plenums, raising the bar —and pipe— on DWV for all contractors. This top-to-bottom standard drainage system in noncombustible buildings is a long-lasting DWV solution welcomed by Wolseley contractors and engineers across Canada.


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System XFR® is one of several IPEX DWV systems that provide reliability and proven performance.

The Need for System XFR

Installing DWV pipe into buildings proves to have some headaches for contractors. The largest problem with DWV pipe is having few material alternatives beyond heavy cast iron and copper. Having fewer options leaves contractors to bring in heavier and harder to handle piping into buildings, slowing down the job and increasing the risk of injury. There’s also the reduction of pipe flow due to the roughness factor of metals which increases cost, and the maintenance of metal materials which also increases cost.

The other problem contractors face is finding DWV piping that meets Canadian and provincial standards for noncombustible applications.

To answer the needs of Canadian contractors, System XFR is an integrated solution that meets noncombustible building standards, is easier to handle, and improves performance.

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Building Code Benefits of System XFR

System XFR is the world's first PVC DWV system that meets the National Building Code requirements for noncombustible buildings meeting these standards:

  • High buildings as defined by NBC article 3.2.6
  • Air plenums as defined by NBC article
  • Noncombustible construction as defined by NBC article 3.1.5
  • Penetrating a rated fire separation as defined by NBC article

The system has also changed the lens on the use of thermoplastic piping systems in DWV applications. Previously, there was quite limited use, however, System XFR has superior fire and smoke retardant capabilities. System XFR passes Flame Spread and Smoke Development requirements when tested to the CAN/ULC-S102.2 Standard, with a Flame Spread Rating of not greater than 25, and a Smoke Developed Classification not greater than 50.

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Performance Benefits of System XFR

Contractors and engineers using System XFR will also find benefits while installing, monitoring overall project savings, and long-term performance.

As mentioned, System XFR is a PVC system, which makes it significantly lighter than heavy cast iron and copper pipes. There’s no need to have heavy equipment and machinery to install these pipes, which reduces extra bodies on the job and the potential for injury.

Pipes are made with diameters from 1-½ -18” in diameter with larger insides than metal counterparts, which gives more cross-sectional area for flow and raises carrying capacity. The flexibility in pipe sizing and the diameters also mean that they can be installed in relatively compact systems and maintain a higher flow rate. System XFR piping is made of advanced materials, which meets the NBC, plus has high impact strength even in cold temperatures of 0℃, which meets CSA requirements.

With System XFR the flow performance of the pipes is significantly better than standard heavy cast iron and copper pipes because of the surface and diameter. There’s also less maintenance to worry about because there’s no rust, corrosion or scale build-up on PVC, which means reduced costs for the long term.

Noise continues to play a factor in choosing what materials to work with. If you are working on a multi-unit building, a school, or a hospital where sound levels are important to consider, System XFR is comparable to cast iron from drainage flow—the system measures up to standards in sound transfer.

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Transferring a skill set from installing metal piping to PVC is easy for any crew and can reduce time spent on more difficult installations. Even with an easier workflow, problems can arise and might require additional help. With this in mind, IPEX also has support for contractors onsite, plus 24/7 technical support. Wolseley also offers training on various products including piping and PVC through monthly training initiatives.

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